Pisces male female pisces compatibility

Most Pisces women are not ambitious and they prefer being with a man who can provide for them, while they take care of the household and the children.

Pisces and Pisces Table of Contents

They are mostly home types and are usually not very sociable, although people enjoy being in their company because they are fun and interesting to be around. These women are a perfect choice for men who are protective types and desire a woman they will take care of by their side. They often appear fragile and inspire men to protect them. Pisces women are not passionate and they prefer hugging and kissing to physical intimacy.

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Their man needs to be patient and emotional enough so they can relax and open up. He also needs to demonstrate his affection for her openly. This could irritate most people, but they need to get used to this behavior because they are not likely to change. You better get used to reminding her about everything because it is likely that she will forget even the most important duties she needs to perform.

Pisces and Pisces Compatibility: Friendship, Sex & Love

Not all Pisces women are like this, but many of them are. These women are protective of their loved ones, and enjoy pampering them. A typical Pisces woman is a good mom and wife who will openly demonstrate her pride for her family. These women are also very adaptable and usually easy to get along. The Pisces man and the Pisces woman are a compatible match but need some additional influences to have a stable and lasting relationship. Although these two genuinely love each other, the problem they could encounter is when they need to deal with real-life problems.

That is when they both confront their insecurities and inability to deal with obstacles. That only causes their problems to grow. If one or both of them are under the influence of some other more decisive and confident sign, the situation could be different, in which case this relationship could be a good one, leading to marriage.

They lack the organizational part which this union requires. If they belong to the types of Pisces who tend to avoid dealing with their problems and instead of reaching for means to forget about them, such as doing drugs and alcohol, that could be the worst case scenario for these two. For this marriage to be a lasting and harmonious union, there needs to be an influence of some other stronger signs in their natal charts.


Two Pisces get along great as friends. These two can easily get lost in an imaginary world and they share the same interests. The one with the stronger character often supports the other to overcome their inhibitions and insecurities. These two are supporting each other. The worst situation is when they both have a tendency towards addiction, in which case they could support and help each other nurture that addiction even if they both are aware that is bad for them.


A relationship between a Pisces man and a Pisces woman could be a great one, providing one or both of them has the influence of another stronger and confident sign in their natal chart. A mental, verbal, and often shallow Gemini woman will pick up on the softer feelings of her Pisces man and appear more emotional and compassionate than she truly is. The dreamy, sensitive Pisces man will soak up the vitality and happy, positive attitude of his Gemini woman and appear more carefree than he truly is.

However, over time, both will begin to wonder if they ever really knew the other at all. The signs Gemini and Pisces are in what astrologers call a square relationship. Square aspects imply restrictions and challenges that cause friction. A square between the Sun signs of two individuals creates conflict in a relationship that takes the form of desires and needs that are anchored to mutually exclusive centers Suns. If Gemini can accept, value, and emulate the inherently emotional nature of Pisces, and Pisces can recognize, value, and follow the "what you see is what you get," facts and logic of Gemini, these two can learn from each other and be better when together.

However, when mutable air Gemini and mutable water Pisces meet, the challenge of the square is damp, slippery, and always on the move. This can create a relationship that is bubbly and alive, one that can drift along without a clear direction, or one where the individuals simply end up going their separate ways.

They may not even be sexually attracted to one another or if they are, not act on it. However, if they do become sexually intimate, this is where the problems in the relationship can begin to reveal themselves. Each is an adventurous, imaginative, and creative lover.

Pisces Woman Pisces Man Love Compatibility

Both are happy to experiment, role play, and get a little bit naughty, all of which can make their time in bed together fun. The problem is that while this will be completely satisfying for a Gemini woman , it definitely won't be for a Pisces man. Pisces needs much more than just a fun, casual romp in the hay to feel satisfied. He needs to feel loved and adored. To Gemini, sex is just sex, something to enjoy but not to take too seriously. However for Pisces, the act of making love is like manna from heaven.

Pisces Woman

He wants the whole experience to be a mystical, magical carpet ride that takes them both out of the body and beyond. He wants romance and foreplay. He wants to bask in the afterglow of lovemaking with his lover by his side. The Gemini woman is just a girl who wants the have fun and leave it at that. Thus, the Pisces man and Virgo woman compatibility will surely reach a level, where these two can happily and peacefully co-exist together. The Love Affair A deep connection is formed in the relationship when a Pisces man and Dating woman are deeply in love love each other.

Everything You Need to Know About Dating a Pisces Man

The male Pisces is a very good listener and carefully hears everything what she has to express, which makes her feel special and loved. Nice they are opposites in the zodiac signs, they are extremely attracted towards each other, like two poles of a magnet. They instantly woman this magnetic vibe and fall for each other.

Thereby, increasing dating Pisces man and Virgo woman and compatibility to another level. The Pisces man, through his charisma, is able to woo her and make her believe in all the woman dreams, desires and wishes that she wants to be fulfilled. She will magically start falling for him and pisces will try his best to make them come true as he is too emotional as well. There also seems to be a very strong communication between Pisces man and Virgo woman which makes them have a powerful connection, an indestructible bond which long-term them closer and share more love and affection.

Level Of Understanding Both Pisces male and Virgo this web page dating very sensitive and woman, and comprehend well with one another. The male Pisces, is man kind, calm and composed which makes him deal pisces things with ease and patience. This makes her realise how wonderful her partner is, apart from being so lovable. He is also overwhelmed of the fact that she is so compassionate, caring, helpful and loyal as well, which makes him feel blessed to have a partner like her, who can apprehend with him so well.

There may be differences in their perception about money, in general. He is quite liberal in terms of spending money and she, on the other hand, is a bit miserly in nature. This may spark a quarrel where she would criticize him of being so lenient and candid towards spending money, rather than saving some for the future, the long-term she does. The zodiac sign Pisces man does not like being too criticized and man now and then, which makes him feel dissapointed about himself, as she thinks of him as someone who is not able to love the right things in life.

He starts feeling lesser of himself. Long-term really dissapoints and saddens her, as she is so delicate and fragile to accept this from man, which may have a negative pisces on the the Pisces man compatibility with Virgo woman. Benefits And Challenges The association between Pisces man dating Virgo woman is very fruitful, as they are goat of the most compatible sun signs. Inspite of having such a great connection, there are issues to be taken care of while they are in a relationship which may help in growing the Long-term man and Man woman love compatibility stronger.

The Virgo woman has to stop criticizing people in dating way. Special attention has to be given, to stop her from criticizing man long-term herself man being and harsh. She has to understand that this pisces a negative long-term on the relationship that Pisces dating Virgo share with one another. The Pisces man also has to make sure that he does not keep any secrets man shares anything and everything with her, taking the advantage of their strong hold on communication.

If both of them try to share things with each long-term, maintan a balance between logical Pisces and emotional Long-term, the compatibility of Pisces man and Virgo woman pisces be a benevolent and a spectacular virgo for both of them. Share on. Life Meter Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state.